IT Apartment




Targu Mures, Romania




Ionel Pascu

This 70 SQM apartment is situated in the city center. This positioning was one of the most important aesthetic drives behind its interior design. How do you respond to a structured, significant representation and busy urban context? Well, how about a structured, clean scheme and a controlled color palette? The owner, a young white-collar gentleman, opted for a light yet strong in character environment, to achieve something which appealed to contemporary detailing and custom craft.  The materials used were: white plaster, black glass, gray fabrics, and wood.


Apartamentul de 70 m2 este amplasat in centrul orasului. Pozitionarea lui a fost una din cele mai importante principii care au stat la baza conceptului de design – Cum adresezi problema crearii unui spatiu determinat, cu o prestanta semnificativa si totusi bine integrata in tesutul urban? Tinand cont de aceste aspecte, am recurs la o compozitie aerisita dar cu un caracter puternic si cu o paleta de culori cat mai redusa folosind materiale nobile.